“Hit the MARC”  by Chen Drachman


  Want to get a quick summery of what the show is about and what has been happening? Check out Kerrin Drexler’s recaps on her blog!


The MARC (The Musical Arts Robertson Conservatory) is a performing arts school in NYC, where drama, scheming, gossip, some very bitter teachers and some very competitive divas are part of the norm. A division between social circles, different faces and approaches, struggles with different dreams and identities, and in the middle of it all, the unending battle to survive from week to week and always grow. It’s an ensemble show in which the cast get to show a variety of talents in different disciplines and materials. It’s a comedy, but it also deals with deep issues that would bother people who live in the kind of environment an art school creates. The cast and crew are made up entirely of AMDA alumni and students.