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AICF Interview *** The Path season 3

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Hey guys!

Just a quick, pre-weekend update with this spotlight interview on the AICF website. Really enjoyed thinking about these questions and as always, discussing Ruth’s


Filming season 3 of The Path is underway. I can’t say anything other than – no doubt it’ll be an amazing season. 

Meanwhile, to celebrate the upcoming season, here’s some Meadow-tation for you.

The Path Season 2 Finale and season 3 renewal

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Hello everyone and a happy Passover to those who celebrate!

Season 2 of The Path aired its finale today. Yours truly reoccurred on episodes 6,12 and 13 (the finale) this season.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – nicest cast and crew, wonderful experience.

The show just got renewed for a third season.

Bellow are a few stills from the last two episodes, all property of Universal/Hulu.

I also opened an album in the gallery page.

You can watch both seasons now on Hulu!

screen cap episode 12 b cut

screen cap episode 13 f

screen cap episode 13 i


As always, a friendly reminder that we’re still raising fund to turn Ruth’s into a reality. If you want to help us or learn more, all the details are here!

Your support would be much appreciated!

The Path *** De Seken Volume 2

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Hey guys! Today episode 2X06 of The Path premieres on Hulu in with it yours truly will utter her first words on the show.

Give it a look! Season 2 is incredible and it’s going to get better and better!


Volume 2 of De Seken is now officially on Amazon.

Let me tell you a little bit about it (again.)

1. It’s a The 100 fanfic, a show I really love, sold through he Kindle Worlds program.

2. The story is a two-parter. Volume 1 can be purchased here.

3. I spent 9 months writing this. I started last March after certain events occurred on the show, and the final chapter was published online on December.

4. Volume 2 picks 3 years after volume 1, dealing with the pending nuclear apocalypse. It’s basically a re-imagined season 4 in a way.

5. As per Amazon’s writer’s agreement, I get to keep 20% of the story on a personal blog and indeed, the first 6 chapters can be found here.

6. The book can be found in 2 versions, a regular one, and an annotated one.

7. Last but not least, it features cover art by the ridiculously talented Lesly-oh.

I updated the relevant pages on the website (creative, contact, etc.)

Hope you like it!



The Path Season 2 Premiere

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Hello everyone!

Season 2 of The Path  will premiere tomorrow night (1/25) on Hulu!

It will premiere in Canada on Showcase on 1/27.

It will premiere in Israel on HOT at some point in February.

Here’s the trailer for season 2.

You can catch up on all of season 1 for free on Hulu‘s YouTube page starting with episode 1 below.

Working on this show has been a wonderful experience and a true blessing since day 1 and I’m very excited for you all to see this upcoming season!

Ruth’s Coverage on Maariv *** The Path Season 2

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Hey Everyone.

I’m excited to say that former IDF Spokesperson wrote about Ruth’s in his opinion column on Maariv, the second biggest publication in Israel.

You can read it online in Hebrew here (item no. 3), or here if a JPEG version is more your thing. An English version can be found here.

I also updated the media page with all the latests!


Last Friday we wrapped season 2 of Hulu’s The Path.

I was honored to reoccur this season and work with the loveliest cast and crew I ever got a chance to work with. Will let you know about season 2 premiere date as soon as I have more details.

Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of the cake from our last day, and you can always watch/rewatch season 1 right here!


Miami Indie Artist Film Festival *** The Path *** Madrid International Film Festivel

Hey guys, it’s been a while!

That doesn’t mean thing weren’t happening and I was also out of the country for a little bit.

I’m happy to announce that both “Aurora” and “Ruth’s”  have been accepted to the Miami Indie Artist Film Festival.

The festival itself is in November so stay tuned for updates.

It’s also a good opportunity to remind you that we’re still raising money for “Ruth’s” and that if you want to help you can do so here.

Any contribution is helpful and greatly appreciated!



I recently shot a co-star role for Hulu’s “The Path.” I love that show, I love working on the show, the cast and crew are great, and I got to wear the famous eye shirt, so watch this space for announcements regarding season 2’s premiere date.



As you may recall, “Aurora” was nominated as best unproduced script at the Madrid International Film Festival in July. I had a phone interview with the lovely people behind the festival.

We discussed the script, creative process in general, the industry and even fanfiction.

Once the interview is up I’ll share it here.

Meanwhile I updated the creative and resume sections of the website with all the latest shenanigans.

More updates soon!