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Eye of Horus season finale *** Digital Physics

Hey gang.

See? Another quick update not long after the previous one.

First thing’s first – The Eye of Horus concluded its first season last week.

Yours truly was there, of course, to cause some trouble. What else is new?


A while ago a played a street musician in a movie called Digital Physics.

The film will have its premiere at the Jersey City Film Festival on October 18th and will also screen at the First Glance Philadelphia Film Festival on October 24th.

That’s all for today, folks!

Happy fall!

Aurora *** Website updates

Hey guys.

I know it’s been forever but so many things are in progress or in development and I’d rather let you know when things are concrete.

So just a quick update to let you know that my feature script, Aurora, was just selected as official selection for the 14th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Georgia.



The festival itself is next month and the winners will be announced then. fingers crossed, but it is an honor just to be nominated.

This also called for a bit of updating of the Creative page.

I’ve recently finished writing a short called Ruth’s which is just now being submitted to festivals.

And I know I always say that but I’m finally editing my book, this time for real, with a great, talented friend of mine, so I hope I’ll have some news for you on that front as well.

Stay tuned for the Eye of Horus season finale coming your way really soon.

Happy autumn!

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After Ellen *** The Eye of Horus

Hey everyone!

Summer has finally hit New York and it makes everything better.

Last week I went to see a SAG Foundation Q&A with Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany, who’s a personal favorite. Smart, talented, humble, articulate.

I wrote about the whole thing for AfterEllen and you can read it right here.


The Eye of Horus is back with episode 13, one of my major episodes. Check it below!

Other than that – I’ve been writing new material like crazy, and working on the book with my new incredible editor. As always, once there’s more to say, I promise to report.

Enjoy the spring!

The Tonight Show – Who is Fancy?

Hey guys. Another quick one.
I had a little cameo on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.
Got to work with the lovely Who is Fancy and his awesome team.

Check it out!

Eye of Horus *** New Reel

Hey guys!

A short and sweet one today. There are a few cool upcoming things but for them I need to write less (here) and write more (in my google doc).

So I’ll just say that there’s a new Eye of Horus episode in which yours truly is giving a hard time to the hero. See below.



And also a new reel. Woot! Check it out if your heart pleases. It’s also on the reel page, of course.  Happy Passover/Happy Easter and more soon!

The Eye of Horus *** After Ellen’s Foreign Affairs

Hey gang!

So this one’s gonna be short and sweet!
First thing’s first. My first appearance on The Eye of Horus was just released. You can watch it below! I should be in 3 – 4 more episodes if memory serves right.

This project was a lot of fun to work on, with a wonderful crew and really cool locations.

My part is towards the end.

And here’s the promo poster.



We finally launched my new weekly column for It’s called Foreign Affairs and it covers lesbian and bisexual shenanigans on TV around the world. We started with a few intro articles, and will soon go into a weekly recap format. I’m having a blast working on this, researching and on occasion having a dialogue with people in the production teams.

 You can read it all over here!


Lastly, for those among you who care for fanfiction and specifically, Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction, I just published the very last chapter of Unorthodox. Writing this story has been an amazing personal experience, with really positive feedback from the wonderful readers, and close to 125,000 views.

If it’s your cup of tea, feel free to read it!

That’s all for this round!

Take care!